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Welcome to the site dedicated to the Cattery FI*Souriant and its Chartreux Cats

Maija, Elodie, Wenneri, Athos, Suze and Porthos.

The Chartreux is a very old breed: the blue cat was mentioned in the French medieval literature for the first time in the 16th century. In Finland this charming French breed was re-established in 1999. 

IC Elodie de Ballymonelies

If your wish to have more information on the Chartreux Cat in Finland or,  Wenneri, Athos, Suze, Maija, Elodie and Porthos

please call at +358 (0)44 5424468 (mobile) or send an e-mail

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Anne Lehtimäki




Chartreux Souriant